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Tidal Rescue is your trustworthy source for Massachusetts mold remediation. Call us for a quick response if you think you may have mold in your commercial or residential building. We're locally owned and operated, and we aim to deliver friendly, personal service.

"The service Neal and his crew has displayed is top notch."

"I met Neal in a parking lot at a grocery store when I saw his van logo and that he did mold testing. I am a caretaker for a church and we thought we had a mold issue. So we set up an appointment. Neal the owner of Tidal Rescue came out and tested for mold. Well we ended up having a bad situation and the results were not good. Tidal Rescue then got rid of the mold, and also remodeled the 5 rooms that were affected. Some of the job photos are posted on this webpage. The drywall work, the texture matching, the painting, and the service Neal and his crew has displayed is top notch." - Frank, Providence, RI

Act quickly to Address Mold Issues

The presence of mold is a very serious issue that should be addressed immediately. Our knowledgeable technicians can advise you on the potential causes of the mold in your home or place of business, work to eliminate the mold, and take steps to prevent future recurrence. The safety of your friends, family, and employees is of the utmost importance, and we can help you protect those closest to you with our mold remediation service. Furthermore, we offer affordable prices and flexible appointment scheduling so we can accommodate your demanding schedule.

Contact the friendly, courteous staff at Tidal Rescue today to learn more about our high-quality Massachusetts mold remediation services today. We can help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe from mold-related health hazards.

"I would recommend Tidal Rescue for anything."

"I called Tidal Rescue because I had a mold problem in my basement, I hadn't been done there in years. Well they found the water leak, completely demoed my basement, cleaned it up, and ran the proper equipment. Neal also followed up with me a few weeks later to make sure all was well. I would recommend Tidal Rescue for anything. They also sent me a Dunkin Donuts gift card for 20.00 which was a great surprise and they are very thankful for the business." - Sherrie, Worcester, MA